Recently, like a couple days ago, a person at church stood up and proceeded to call me a liar, right in front of the entire church!  She wouldn’t listen to truth at all.. she didn’t listen to my public apology and why the change in direction.  She was blinded by her own self-righteous indignation.

Ya see, the issue was a week and a half prior, while she was telling me how evil a new ministry that we were adding to Victory Biker Church was evil, and wrong and not from God.  Like reach a group of people with the Gospel message, that is not being effective reached is wrong.  Anyway, I told her that I wanted 100% support from the officers of the church. (My mistake)

So, come this last Sunday the Lord had already spoken to me and said “This new ministry, Sons of Victory MC/M, is from Me and do this!”  So, of course I said YES SIR!!  So, I went to our bylaws and sure enough I only needed a majority vote, which I already had.  But, in all reality, as it is ministry I don’t need approval from anyone.  After, all it is not a new church bus or property purchase!

So, as part of the service, we introduced the Sons of Victory MC/M to the church.  We gave specifics and answered all the questions that the people had.  But, she took her opportunity to slander my character and call me a liar!  SMH!

My point in all this is this…  Self-righteousness blinds us from the truth!  It closes our ears and eyes to hearing anything that is contrary to our own religious mindsets and in this case witchcraft!

The Body of Christ must ditch religion, denominationalism, self-righteousness, witchcraft and idolatry!  Right now!!  And start allowing the Holy Spirit to grow His fruit from with us and through us!  Gal 5:22-23!