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Apostle Brian “BMAN” McKay is the Senior Pastor, Founder and International President of Victory Biker Church International – a growing group of non-denominational Christian churches designed by bikers, for bikers. It is his desire to be a church home for all bikers and motorcyclists from every Motorcycle Club (M/C), Motorcycle Ministry (M/M), independent riders and non-riders alike. WHERE ALL ARE WELCOME!

Apostle BMAN has a burning desire to lead bikers and other social outcasts to Christ, lead them in discipleship and then in to victory in Chirst Jesus. He is a church planter, an author and a spiritual father to the fatherless and a leader to all five-fold ministers and ministries.



As I write this there is a winter storm going on outside with up to 8” of snow expected.  I’ve starting experiencing a weariness lately.. I heard the Spirit of God speak to me that it’s not just a physical issue but more importantly a spiritual issue.  The Lord said “Your spirit is sad and …


Recently, like a couple days ago, a person at church stood up and proceeded to call me a liar, right in front of the entire church!  She wouldn’t listen to truth at all.. she didn’t listen to my public apology and why the change in direction.  She was blinded by her own self-righteous indignation. Ya …


Victory Biker Churches Introduction Video


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